Meet the


We are the first solar powered shared mobility service inspired by and created for the z-generation, but that everyone can use.

Zero Emissions

Designed to reduce city traffic, the #StreetFighter sports two next generation solar panels, a rechargeable lithium battery, and a state of the art electric motor that is powered by the sun.

Zillion times better
than a car

Classified as a EPAC (EU) so it can be driven on the road  without a  license, registration or insurance and at 90 cms wide, it's narrow enough to fit in the bike lane or slip between congested traffic  so it's actually cheaper, cleaner and more convenient than a regular car.

Download the Zunpower app and discover a new age in MicroMobility.

Find It!

Use the app to find a #StreetFighter or  a Zunpower docking station near you.

Scan it!

Once you find it, scan the Qr code to unlock your ride and you're good to go!

Book Your Ride

Book it!

If you can't find a #StreetFighter nearby, don't worry. You can book it, and we'll set it aside for you for 15 minutes


We hope that you enjoy the #StreetFighter, but remember to drive safely and always follow traffic laws.

Track Everything

Keep Track

Keep Track of your trips, routes and payments in one place.

Check your Carbon Footprint

You can even keep track of how much CO2 you've help save from the environment.

Download the Zunpower app

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